workshop pimp my dildo

Workshop “Pimp my Dildo”

This workshop is all about fun & hilaric moments! It is time to pimp the male “noble part” with the ladies! You will be welcomed by the workshop leader in the art studio. We have already select the best model to create the perfect template dildo of plaster. All kinds of materials and paint are ready for you to...

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Amsterdam Cocktail Workshop

Cocktail Workshop

Always wanted to create your own cocktail or like to know “how it’s made”? Than you should definitely go for the Amsterdam Cocktail Workshop! Pick the flavours, choose your spririts & create the perfect cocktail. Your experienced cocktail shaker will learn you all the basic techniques for the perfect...

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Amsterdam Cunt Cake workshop

The Pussy Cupcake Party

The Pussy Cake or Cunt Cake Workshop is ideal for your Bachelorette Party or Hen Party in Amsterdam! Are you in search for the ultimate Pussy Party of Amsterdam? Then the Pussy Cupcake Workshop is the best choice for you! In slick atmosphere and with a juicy story you’ll get a targeted exercise in pussy claying your own...

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Amsterdam Blowjob Workshop

The Amsterdam Blowjob Workshop is a unique and hilarious experience! This is the workshop for the ladies who like to combine Education & Fun! Try to shatter the taboos about the subject and laugh about it with your friends during our blowjob workshop. Do you know the “twister” and can you put on a condom without hands?...

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Tantra Workshop

With this workshop you are increasing female health, energy and sexuality! Would you like to have more fun, pleasure and better female health? Than this is the workshop to do! Do you feel out of track and your hormones aren’t in balance? Than it is twice more difficult for you to master the flow of your own energy, have...

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Jewelry Making Workshop

This workshop is for the ladies who like to be creative and like fancy bling bling! You will create three pieces of jewelry, based on the famous Swarovski art. Our host(s) will welcome you and will explain the programm of the day. Meanwhile you and the girls can enjoy a lovely cup of tea, glass of soda & some sweets. The hosts...

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