Amsterdam Blowjob Workshop

The Amsterdam Blowjob Workshop is a unique and hilarious experience! This is the workshop for the ladies who like to combine Education & Fun! Try to shatter the taboos about the subject and laugh about it with your friends during our blowjob workshop. Do you know the “twister” and can you put on a condom without hands?...

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Amsterdam Private Shoot

Say cheese! Capture this moment while you in Amsterdam! The shoot: With this fotoshoot you will always have a great souvenir when you get home after a great trip to our city. You even can show these pictures on the wedding as a surprise. Locaction: Amsterdam has so many landmarks to choose from. What do you think about...

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Amsterdam Escape Room

The Challenge You like to experience excitement and put your skills and knowledge to the test? Than this is the game for your group! Location: In one of the oldest part of Amsterdam Centre this Escape game will get you In the mood. Many bars in the area to talk about your experiences after. This game is perfect for...

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group picture

All-In Canal Cruise

The All-In Canal Cruise is a fantastic way to have fun and relax, while your skipper shows you Amsterdam from the Canals. During this 1,5 hour canal cruise you will have unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks together with some bites. You will cruise through the canals and enjoy the city while you are drinking your cool...

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Tantra Workshop

With this workshop you are increasing female health, energy and sexuality! Would you like to have more fun, pleasure and better female health? Than this is the workshop to do! Do you feel out of track and your hormones aren’t in balance? Than it is twice more difficult for you to master the flow of your own energy, have...

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party bus amsterdam

Amsterdam Party Fire Truck

The Amsterdam Party Fire Truck is the Hottest ride in Amsterdam! The best way to be transferred or tour through Amsterdam, and have a party at the same time when you are with a group of friends! You will have Beers or Prosecco included during your tour in the Party Bus. It has a great sound system, disco lights, flat screen,...

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