The Bubbles Bike of Amsterdam!

The Prosecco Bike in Amsterdam is a great activity for your Hen Party or Bachelorette Party! You will have lovely bubbles on the bike, while your designated driver tours you around on the prosecco bike. The chauffeur will ensure your Hen will have a unique last day of ‘Bacheloretteness’! The prosecco bike is a great way to socialize with your friends, have some drinks and do a little exercise as well. And if Amsterdam is showing you her best with a sunny day, it can be made into a convertible. The Prosecco bike is still one of the most popular activities for a bachelorette party in Amsterdam!

None of you have to worry about the driving though, as your 100% sober chauffeur will take care of the steering and maneuvering safely through town. You only have to worry about drinking your bubbles on the bike and getting those legs moving to get a little workout done within your 75 minutes private Prosecco Bike Tour. Lots of fun for your Hen Party or Bachelorette Party!

Prices Prosecco Bike

– 6 people | € 325,-
– 7 people | € 375,-
– 8 to 12 people | € 425,-
– 13 to 17 people | € 475,-
– 2 bikes | € 875,-

The maximum amount of people that will fit on one prosecco bike is 17 people of which 12 can be pedaling. For a larger group you can always book 2 Prosecco bikes. We have different kind of bikes. We recommend you to be with at least 6 people when you rent this bike.

Details Prosecco Bike

– Prosecco bike for 75 minutes
– 10 liters of prosecco
– 17 Luxury seats
– Designated driver
– Rain protection
– Adjustable saddle height
– Safety illumination
– Liability insurance

This is a fun & entertaining activity to do when you are celebrating your Hen Party or Bachelorette in Amsterdam with a group of friends. So let’s book it and have some FUN!!

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when your interested in renting the Prosecco Bike in Amsterdam.