The first Urban Axe throwing venue in Amsterdam is open! A great activity to celebrate your Hen Party or Bachelorette Party in Amsterdam! How nice is it to throw some axes and have some drinks afterwards in the garden of the former Prison of Amsterdam, also known as the “Bijlmerbajes”. It is not the first thing you think about for a Bachelorette Party, but it is certainly unique! Men have been throwing axes for ages and now it is up to the women as well. Lose some aggression and let your primal feelings run free. It is still a relatively unknown phenomenon in the Netherlands, but in the United States it is becoming a big sport. Urban Axe throwing in now taking over Amsterdam! An extra cool thing is that you will be throwing your axes in the former prison of Amsterdam.

What is Urban Axe Throwing?

After a brief explanation and training with a throwing coach, you can start with test pieces in groups of up to six people. We have 6 lanes, so we can accommodate 36 people at the same time. Then the real work begins: the closer you throw to the bullseye, the more points you earn. The one who has the most points after all the rounds wins. You can play different sort of games, and at the end we will see who can name herself Queen of Urban Axe Throwing in Amsterdam! Actually Urban Axe Throwing is just like darts, very simple ;). The price for the Amsterdam Urban Axe throwing is € 19,50 per person. You can already book the Urban Axe Throwing when you are with 2 people.

Summary Urban Axe Throwing

▪ Price | € 19,50 p.p.
▪ 1 hour game
▪ Unique location | Bijlmerbajes Prison
▪ Instructions by experienced coach
▪ Unforgettable experience
▪ Minimum age is 18 years

Urban Axe Throwing Combi Package

Urban Axe Throwing is a great activity for your Bachelorette Party or Hen Party while you are visiting Amsterdam. A visit to the former Bijlmerbajes Prison is already a unique experience for your bachelorette party, hen party, birthday or company trip. Other great activities to do next to the Urban Axe Throwing (at the same location) are the Cocktail Workshop or Old Ducth Naughty Games. Ask us for special prices to make a combi package!

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions for the Axe Throwing Amsterdam and any of Amsterdam Bachelorette’s other activities & services.

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