The Beer Bike in Amsterdam is an unique experience to have when you are celebrating your Bachelorette or Hen Party. You have the opportunity to drink beer and lose calories at the same time, so what do you want more when you are having fun with the girls!! And everyone can drink because you will have a chauffeur on board who is doing all the steering. The beer bike will start next to Amsterdam Central Station. Eventually you will end at Amsterdam Central Station again after the beer bike tour.

Beer Bike Amsterdam

The maximum amount of people that will fit on the beer bike is 17 people of which 10 can be pedaling. For a larger group you can always book 2 beer bikes. We have different beer bikes. We recommend you to be with at least 6 people when you rent the beer bike.

Next are the prices for the beer bike:

• 6 people | € 325,-
• 7 people | € 375,-
• 8 to 12 people | € 425,-
• 13 – 17 people | € 475,-
• 2 beer bikes | € 875,-

The Amsterdam BeerbikeInclusions
• Beer bike for 75 minutes
• 20 liters of beer
• seats up to 17 people
• chauffeur
• liability insurance for damage
to participants & third parties
• Wind and rain protection
• Adjustable saddle height
• Safety illumination

This is a fun & entertaining activity to do when you are celebrating your Hen Party or Bachelorette in Amsterdam with a group of friends. So let’s book it and have some FUN!!

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when your interested in renting the Beer Bike in Amsterdam.