Amsterdam offers a variety of Spa & Wellness centers in and around the city. A Spa & Wellness visit is the ideal thing to do to feel better again. And also great to give your body and soul that extra boost after a night of partying. You can get all sorts of treatments at these places, such as facials, massages, manicures & pedicures and various body wraps. Below you can read more about two of Amsterdam’s Spa & Wellness centers and what Amsterdam Bachelorette can do for you.

‘Sauna’ Spa & Wellness

Sauna Deco Amsterdam Spa and Wellness Amsterdam Sauna Deco spa and wellness

This sauna is situated in the centre of Amsterdam on one of the three main canals. This Sauna is known for its unique interior. The origin of the interior is from Le Bon Marché, a Parisian warehouse in the 1920’s. High arched stained glass provide for an exceptional decor around the central sitting area and the plunge pool. From the pictures above you can see that almost the entire interior is from the warehouses origin. The combination between this unique interior and luxurious facilities makes this sauna an ideal address to fully come to peace. You can have facials, massages or other treatments to your wishes.

Price: €22.50,-
Daypass from 12am-23pm.

Interested in a day at the Spa while you are visiting Amsterdam? Amsterdam Bachelorette just want to make your stay in Amsterdam one to always remember.

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