The naughty girls package is for those ladies that want to give a little sexiness to the hen party or their stay in Amsterdam!

Red Light Photo Shoot
To get in the mood, your group of ‘madames’ will get all warmed up behind your own Red Light District window photo shoot. Don’t worry too much: we won’t set you up for sale in reality, but you can pretend in this cozily set-up photo studio. Tons of options to dress up and be a naughty nurse or a playboy bunny. All picures will be send digitally by WeTransfer. All clothing is supplied.


Private dinner with stripper!
It doesn’t require a lot of imagination to understand what’s happening here. A 3-course menu just for you and your friends near the famous Dam Square is already a perfect idea. And it’s even better to be separated from snoopers that are trying to peek at what (or should we say ‘whom’?) you are having as a ‘dessert’…
Your hen will be the center of the male stripper’s attention and will have an unforgettable dinner experience.
There are 3 starters, 3 main courses and 2 desserts to choose from. Meat, fish or vegetarian: all is covered.

Karaoke party!
After this hot & spicy experience, it’s time to go crazy! All geared up with good food, male attention from your private stripper and some drinks, you will never be more ready to rock the stage and finally let the world know how perfect your singing actually is. No fear to climb on stage and drinks will be provided to keep you girls going. There are 4 drinks included!


▪ Red Light District Photo Shoot | approx. 1 hour
▪ Private striptease dinner with male stripper | approx. 2 hours
▪ Karaoke party | as long as you want & 4 drinks


Striptease dinner
▪ Duration | min. 3,5 hrs
▪ Bookable| 7 days a week.
▪ Price | € 95,00 p.p.
▪ Location | Red Light District
▪ Private dining area
▪ Striptease show
▪ 3-course dinner
▪ Karaoke party

Our price is based on a minimum of 10 people, when you are with less than 10 people you can contact us as well for an adjusted price.

Wanna party on? Please let us know what you would like to do and Amsterdam Bachelorette will arrange all you want for your group, such as entrance and drinks in one of the many venues in town.

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when you are interested in our package for Naughty girls in Amsterdam.