Are you in for a great laugh? This is the best & most hilarious activity from Amsterdam Bachelorette. Its the ultimate activity for your Bachelorette or Hen Party! Our parkour with Old Dutch Games, which we made slightly naughtier will cause a lot of hilarity. You will have a private area where all these hilarious games will be played. You will start with a welcome drink to get in the mood. After that you will start a game of Ring Penis throwing, which is similar to beer pong, where your opponent needs to drink a shot when you throw the ring over the dildo.

The party will be completed with “Vibratorracing” and “Catch the Dick”. Fifty shades of gray eat your heart out… Or how about balloon pushing? An estafette game where you have to pop the balloon of the person in front of you with your special moves! You will be rolling on the floor of laughing, fun well guaranteed! But If you thought you were save in the private room… You are mistaken. These games are all about having fun & laughter with your friends on your Bachelorette Party in Amsterdam!

Good luck and may the best penislover win!Oud Hollande Stoute Spelen

• Old Dutch Naughty Games
• Price | € 27,50 p.p.
• Location | Bijlmerbajes Prison
• Minimum | 8 people*
• Including 1 drink (Beer, Wine or Soft Drink)
• Multiple hilarious games
• This activity takes around 1,5 hours

* Are you with less than 8 people? You can play, but need to pay for minimum of 8 people.

The Old Dutch Naughty Games are great to combine with our Striptease Dinner, Red Light Photo Shoot or Pimp My Dildo activity. All these activities are just a couple of minutes walk from each other!

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when your interested in renting the Old Dutch Naughty Games in Amsterdam.