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With this workshop you are increasing female health, energy and sexuality!

Would you like to have more fun, pleasure and better female health? Than this is the workshop to do!
Do you feel out of track and your hormones aren’t in balance?
Than it is twice more difficult for you to master the flow of your own energy, have positive mood, and to take an action for achieving your goals and to feel full sexuality and joy.

This workshop will teach you how to:
● create an art of love awakening through feminine energy
● revive passion in your relationship
● balance your hormones
● get acquainted with your magnetizing sexuality
● direct the energy exactly into your desire
● 100 ways to unblock your female energy

The Workshop:
They will learn you exercises that can be done any time to activate the flow of feminine energy in your body, awaken sexual energy and libido.
Use the possibility to open your deepest resources by spending time with your female friends in Amsterdam.
Come and celebrate your feminine nature in a inspiring and safe environment.
The workshop is given by a yoga teacher with 15 years of practice. The workshop is very discrete in any way.

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▪ Location: Amsterdam Centre
▪ Real yoga studio
▪ Professional Teacher
▪ Price 1 hour | 1 – 10 people | € 250,-
▪ Price 1,5 hours | 1 – 10 people | € 300,-

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when you are interested in our Workshop Tantra.

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