Fire Breathing Workshop

This workshop Fire Breathing is one of the most exciting workshops you will find in Amsterdam. Fire Breathing is a combination of confidence, technique and paying attention to safety. Breathing large flames of fire gives you a real adrenaline boost!

Safety comes first of course, so when you we will teach you all the necessary techniques to safely breath fire. Next to the safety aspects you need to learn the proper techniques. When you start the workshop you will learn all the measures that need to be taken to breath fire in a safe way. Fire breathing requires a special spraying technique with your lips. It is not hard to learn, but it is important that you know how to do it. So at the beginning of the workshop you will be practicing with water!

When you have mastered the proper techniques and the professional fire breather trusts it as well we will start with the real deal… With special non-toxic oil you will breathe your first flames in to the air, a moment that you will never forget! To make the day complete you will be given a demonstration from your professional fire breather at the end of the workshop!

The costs for this fantastic workshop are € 32,50 per person. The minimum amount of people for this workshop is 8 people.

SummaryWorkshop Fire Breathing
▪ Duration | 1 hours
▪ Price | € 32,50 p.p.
▪ Location | Westerpark Amsterdam
▪ Professional instructor

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when you are interested in our Workshop Fire Breathing.